Many law firms simply do not need a full-time IT Director.

As "experts for hire" we provide flexible project-based Technology skills.

Unlock the benefits of your investment in IT and watch good change happen.

Building a high performing 'business within a business'

Focussing on teams and legal departments within SME and regional law firms to boost performance. Ensure that all your departments are running efficiently.

Enabling profitable growth for the specialist firm

Perfecting process and technology for the specialist or niche law firm. Harness exactly the right technology to drive down costs and increase profitability for your type of legal work.

Probability, not possibility

Designing new processes, consolidating systems and adapting operations for, during, and after mergers or acquisitions to help deliver the business case.

Skills and resource only when you need them

Access the right project skills and resource to deal with that issue or opportunity that comes up time and time again on the board agenda.
Flexible contract options, fixed fees, often at a fraction of the cost of using in-house staff.

How we can help?

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