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“An introduction to Chatham Group” – Alex Hutchinson (Consultant / Technology Advisor) provides an introduction on how he helps Managing Partners of SME law firms make change happen.


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Alex Hutchinson: Hello. My name’s Alex Hutchinson. I’m the founder and director at Chatham Group, and I’ve put together a short video of introduction to explain a little bit about who we work with, how we help them, and why it’s important.

Who we work with is quite straight forward because it’s always SME law firms, that’s it. I only spend my time with the leaders of forward-thinking SME law firms, the ones who want to utilize technology to fix their business and operating challenges, that’s exactly who we work with. Their definition, for me, of an SME law firm, is a firm with between 30 and 120 people within the organization.

How do we help them? For clarity, a couple of things we don’t do. We don’t provide IT support, that’s not what we do. We don’t sell legal sector software or case management systems, just so we’re clear. What we do is provide the project and change management resource that is required to make good change happen. Why is that important? If you are leading an SME law firm and you want to utilize technology, whether it’s to take advantage of an opportunity, improve operational performance, efficiency, build time, better engagement with clients, your people, whatever it may be, what you don’t need to know right now is what the latest and greatest technology is that’s available in the marketplace. That’s not what you need to know, it’s going to kill a lot of your time, and it’s going to bombard you with information, a lot of which won’t be relevant for you.

What we do is come into law firms and provide the skills, expertise, and resource that’s missing the gap, and we fill that gap by providing them with the project and change management resources required to make that change happen. The reason that’s important is because what you do need is somebody that can sit on your team and understand what is the strategy that we’re working on? What’s the challenge we’re trying to fix? Will there be a return on investment? Is it worth investigating and fixing?

If it is, can somebody then understand what we need from that technology as a law firm? Does it fit with the strategy? Then dive into what do our people need? What are they working on at the minute? Where are their frustrations and bottlenecks? What does a solution need to look like in order for them to engage with it? Consider the change management piece, something that they will engage with, and what does that need to look like and build those requirements independently first.

Then when you’ve got that, what we then need to do is go to the marketplace and understand which technology will help you deliver on those requirements and help you fix those challenges specifically for you and your law firm and your people. That may be existing technology that you have in place can be better utilized that first, or does it need to be a third party or different piece of software, but everything’s driven around what you, your law firm, and your people need, not what’s available right now.

Once we’ve identified that, we will help you implement it, and we’ll make that change happen, and that’s what we provide, and that’s why it’s important. That’s what’s missing. What’s not missing is new legal sector technology, it’s everywhere. Don’t worry about that. If you want to fix operating challenges, make improvements and you believe that technology is the way to do so, then I’d love to have a conversation with you and I can explain. After understanding a bit more about your challenge or what you’re trying to achieve, I’ll gladly share with you how we can help you with that, and why project and change management resource will help you deliver it.

If you want to reach out and have a conversation, I’d love to hear from you. See the description details within this video, and there’ll be lots of opportunities to connect. There’ll be a personal profile information that we share with my direct contact details, and we’ll also be generating videos that we share with our contacts around specific operating challenges that we help them fix and provide insights on how we do that, so there’s an opportunity to opt in as well.

Thank you for watching the video. I hope that’s cleared up a bit about who we are, what we do, and how we help firms, and hopefully I’ll hear from you soon. Thank you.

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