What are you looking to achieve?

Seeing the same issue appear on the agenda time and time again?

It’s a common scenario in any busy business.  A solution to one of those important but ‘groundhog day’ issues is to engage extra assistance. However if you are a law firm it’s not easy to find an experienced partner who knows the sector and who you can trust to work independently. 

To be successful, whoever you reach out for help must understand how legal works. They need to understand the mechanics of delivering legal services but also the structure, terminology and culture of a professional services firm. Not only it is crucial to enable quick progress of course but credibility is key to engaging with law firm partners and staff. 

Smart legal firms are now tactically outsourcing some key operational elements and engaging external resource to help make those technology changes needed to keep up. The aim might be to improve profitability, expand the business, get fit for a potential acquisition or succession plan, or simply to be able to seize new opportunities that come up in the market. 

It’s a rare organisation that has the spare capacity or the right skill-sets at hand to deliver these types of technology projects as well as the day to day business of law. 

Working with Chatham is the perfect solution for tech-savvy small and medium sized law firms. Access the right IT-Director level skills and experience on a flexible and project basis when you need them.

"We wanted to look at a CMS / DMS selection project, but knew we needed some independent advice to help us with this project. Not only were they able to liaise well with our people, and understand our requirements, but the additional resource and expertise have been instrumental in project progress, and success. We now see them as a long-term partner/ advisor to the firm."
Simon Leighton
Managing Partner
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