A business within a business​

Helping the team or department perform

Departmental poor performance

If you have four batteries in a set and one of them is a dud, that dud will rapidly drain the other three, regardless of how well charged they are. It’s a useful analogy because we see it all the time in legal – organisations whose overall performance is being dragged down by a particular practice area or support function.

Much of our work is focused on the challenged ‘business within a business’, and transforming it from drain to supercharger, contributing to the bottom line rather than compromising it. We’re not just about determining the cause and designing a remedial plan – we also deliver all the requisite project and change management resource too. We take ownership of the entire problem, injecting energy and momentum into a situation where too often inertia reinforces the status quo.

The thing is, we know it’s tough to find the time and mental space to address these issues. Even if you have a clear take on cause and effect, the ‘what happens next’ bit invariably involves an assessment of people, process and technology – which is not just hungry on time, but demanding of a certain skillset, and a degree of independence and objectivity.

“As a rapidly growing firm, with an alternative model, we needed to work with an independent sector specialist to help optimise a specific department, due to our rate of growth. After an efficient review, and investing time with our people, they were able to identify (and oversee the implementation of) a specific piece of technology which enabled the existing staff to process work much more efficiently, and continues to aid the department through further growth phases.”
Nas Patel
Finance Director

Our work is grounded in the Chatham style:​


We’re quick to get to that understanding of what you want or need to achieve, and clear on the most effective way of getting what you and your people need.


We do things in the right order. It’s so tempting to look at solutions before you understand what you really need, but the way we plan and manage projects will set you up for success, not failure.


We are grounded in reality, focused on things that we can tackle and that will make a significant difference. Change and improvement can't be something at the end of a three-year rainbow – you need to feel the positive impacts early and start taking small steps now.

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