How to drive growth by embracing LegalTech

ICAEW Webinar

Access to the recorded webinar: “How to drive growth in your law firm, by embracing technology”.

I was recently interviewed, along side Alistair Maiden for this ICAEW webinar.

I enjoy any conversation with Alistair, but in this webinar we answer each question from different prespectives. Alistair from dealing with LegalTech and IT Projects for larger firms and legal departments within large organisations and myself for smaller law firms.

I think the same principles apply, it just comes down to scale, priorities and where different sized businesses should focus to deliver an R.O.I – but take a look for yourself.


Link to access the recording of the webinar.

What questions will be asked in this webinar?


Q1 What do you think are the key threads going on in the legal tech space right now?

Q2 What do you see coming over the horizon in the next year or so?

Q3 All of this needs integrating into a strategy to avoid a piecemeal and sub-optimal approach. How would you go about developing a law firm’s IT strategy so it can take advantage of the technology available?

Q4 When it comes to Finance, legal tech. often adds this in as an after-thought, rather than putting front and centre of the package. How do you think Law Firm IT & Finance teams can generate a more cohesive approach to providing the firm with a great Finance service?

Q5 The use of AI and innovation generally is very exciting but law firms are notoriously cautious in taking up and using new technology. What areas do you see most likely to be introduced to law firms outside the – say – Top 10, in the next couple of years?

Q6 That caution is evident in nearly all potential investment decisions. If you, or your IT team, see a need for investment, how do you best present that information, so that the business owners and managers are likely to make the necessary investment?

Q7 And that question above goes on to the great question of how do you change mindsets?


Interested in the topics covered in this webinar?

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I am more than happy to talk about how I help law firms, fees involved and different entry level or fixed fee packages, but the best starting point is to find out more about your challenges, goals for the firm, offer some initial advice and see how I can help.

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Author: My name is Alex Hutchinson. I am a Freelance I Projects Director who works with leaders of forward thinking law firms who want to make good change happen, when it comes to IT and Technology. Connect with me on LinkedIn.

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