The Commercial Business Case

Creating High Probability, not possibility

Mergers and acquisitions are a staple of today’s legal landscape.

The M&A business case will promise plenty of upside – but why does the reality so often fall short?

The simple answer? It’s very difficult to pull off successfully. You may have the will and some of the expertise, but you and your management team probably won’t have enough time, focus or knowhow to see the job through to the end, across all the areas required. Because signing off on the deal is only the beginning.

The really hard work starts with bringing organisations together technically and culturally. And that’s where I can help. Although I can be involved to help support and advise on certain issues during the deal, such as IT strategy; it’s important to swing into action on the ground as soon as the ink is dry. I can help take charge of, in effect, orchestrating the technology road map required to integrate the firms successfully.

It requires a lot of skills and definitely additional resource to help manage and drive multi-workstream programs: infrastructure, system integrations and migrations; workflows, templates and standards; change workshops and training; there is so much to reassess and realign post-merger.



“Wanting to increase efficiency and client experience with technology is one thing, but having the skills in house to navigate the supplier market and find a solution which engages and meets the needs of our people is another. We decided to appoint them to manage this project following a recommendation, and I have to say we have been very impressed… at all levels of the business.”
Vicky Griffin
Practice Director

I can help firms who want to become an enlarged firm that is:

  • Fully realising the benefits set out in the business case
  • Operating efficiently, compliantly and confidently as a consolidated enterprise
  • Properly engaging with all its people and taking them on the next stage of the journey

I can bolt on to your firm as the technology advisor, bringing the project and change management expertise in this scenario, and you will find my style:


All I do it IT / Technology projects for law firms, which means plenty of coal-face experience and ‘lessons learned’ to get projects mapped quickly and comprehensively


I always do things in the right order. With multi-workstream projects, there’s even more of a balancing act than usual to keep everything harmonious and avoid costly mis-steps.


I get my hands dirty. I own that To-do list, and ensure the work is delivered, not just talk about it. Everything is always grounded in reality too, focused on the achievable, fixed on the desired result.

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