Making progress with IT, Technology and “LegalTech”​

Don’t let change lead you, or put pressure on you because new technology is available.


There is a place for early adopters, but strategic long term change requires a bit more thought.

The key is to not become a laggard! Make sure you are moving forward, slowly, with intent… but consistently.

Progress is the key, and this alone requires a large amount of effort.

Determine which change is right for you… then move forward. It doesn’t need to be perfect, but you MUST make progress.


The key here, is not being led by the latest fads or the bells and whistles, but identify them, listen to them (briefly), determine which elements can be used to your advantage… and then make progress.

Don’t let IT, Technology or “LegalTech” drive your law firms direction.

Work out where it can help you better serve your customers, and make their lives easier. Then make some decisions and move things forward.

There will always be new technology, there will always be change, and we will all, always need to move forward and adapt if we are to survive.


Those who win long term, with apparent leaps forward, are the ones who always review what is available, decide which elements can help them improve their business, by improving the lives of their clients and the people who work with them… and then they make decisions and make some progress.


Progress each week, steady but firm. There is no switch in life which can take you safely from current state, to desired future state. So don’t expect this from any IT / Technology project.

Change takes place over time. The key to implementing successful IT / Technology projects in law firms is rarely about big bang change, but about making progress, each and every week, so you are moving forward in the right direction… always!

The biggest challenge most law firms have is identifying and allocating the necessary skills and resource to “own the project” and be responsible for making good change happen.


The Author:

My name is Alex Hutchinson. I work with Law Firms and help them define their IT / Technology strategy. Determine which elements are worth pursuing, which projects will add material benefit to their clients, and improve the working lives of the people who work within their firm, and then I “own the project” and make good change happen.

Not overnight, no big bangs, but weeks of stable progress which considers their people and their customers. So they wake up one day , with their leap forward, much like the others they read about.

If you are tired of not being able to make the progress you would like with your IT / Technology projects. If you don’t know where to start amongst all the noise, or if you have a rough idea of a good plan, but just don’t have the right person to “own the project” and make your plans happen then lets arrange a call.

I would love to hear what progress you want to make in 2021. It will then be my job to work out a plan and make things happen.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you have a productive week



Alex Hutchinson is the founder and lead consultant at Chatham. A small consultancy which specialises in helping law firms with their IT / Technology Projects.

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