Does the software in your law firm increase the productivity of your people, or slow them down?

Does software improve the profitability of your law firm?

Is software increasing the productivity of your people, or slowing them down?

Law firms should be well-oiled machines. There’s always a lot going on, at high speed.

Over the years, procedures and systems will have been adopted and adapted. Technology and software will have been bought, to deal with a wide range of areas but is this working efficiently and increasing the performance of your people, or has it ever done so (as originally intended)!

All too often, the things that you need to happen in an efficient way do not happen as they should. More staff (ie overheads) are needed to push things through. Work-arounds are developed by your people. Your lawyers’ time-recording suffers. There’s a lot of moaning. Far from being a high-performance car, racing in a good business direction, you could have a squeaky wheel. Or lots of squeaky wheels.

Compare all of that to what we call “the quiet hum of success”. We help law firms to achieve that.

Here is our latest PDF explaining how we help law firms fix SQUEAKY WHEELS


Author: My name is Alex Hutchinson. I work with Managing Partners of law firms to help them build the type of operating environment lawyers want to be a part of. Driving operational change, and better utilising software, so their people are efficient, happy and profitable. Connect with me on LinkedIn.

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