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The progressive firm

When we get called in, it’s not always a distress purchase where we’re fixing something that is broken. Just as often we come in when things are okay, good even – but these are ambitious, progressive firms who want more.

There are three typical catalysts for our services

  • Thinking about expanding offices or work types
  • Adopting a new strategy and targets
  • Committing to modernisation and technology optimisation

Our role is very simply to help you make a success of your plans. Sometimes it’s about reviewing departments from people, process and technology perspectives with the aim of first identifying, then making incremental gains. In other words, we work out how we can take you from good to great.

Sometimes it’s a bigger engagement, where we offer our Project / Change Management, bringing the resource and expertise required so clients can utilise technology to fix their business and operational challenges). It could be a complete system refresh, some significant process reengineering or major operational change – agile, paperlite, a switch of PMS or a move into case or document management.

Whatever it is, the Chatham way is to always take ownership, to remove that burden from time-pressured leadership. So we ask, assess, plan; develop strategies, roadmaps drive procurement and oversee implementations; and providing the resource and expertise required to move a firm forward successfully.

“We wanted to look at a CMS / DMS selection project, but knew we needed some independent advice to help us with this project. Not only were they able to liaise well with our people, and understand our requirements, but the additional resource and expertise have been instrumental in project progress, and success. We now see them as a long-term partner / advisor to the firm.”
Simon Leighton
Managing Partner

It’s why clients invite us in, to pick up that load and ensure plans and actions are predicated on what is optimal for that firm, not what suits certain people best.

Our work is grounded in the Chatham style:​


We start with a diligent discovery process built around people interviews and reviews of systems and procedures, building up the feedback and the data points that allow us to get to the real root of the problem quickly.


We put forward a plan to fix things. A sensible, achievable plan that does things in the right order. Critical to this stage is mapping requirements – if the previous set-up was failing, what do we need to do differently this time to get the results we’re after? And don’t equate this to just swapping in different systems – it’s not what you’ve got but how you use it.


We manage and drive the whole change program like a virtual or interim COO / CIO, taking that burden off the firm’s executive and leaving you not with ‘findings to implement’ but the problem and solution sorted. We take our plan and we own it end-to-end. We get things done.

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